Valentine’s Day in a Pandemic


Ally Hayes, Contributor

Valentine’s Day is usually a time of the year that most single people look at with disdain, and with the pandemic putting a pause on our social lives, many more people have found themselves without a partner this year. Rather than letting status get in the way of celebrating the holiday, try to find some ways to make the celebration your own.

Ways to spend Valentine’s Day during a pandemic:

Get some baking in. One of my favorite recipes is Giada de Laurentiis’ strawberry and rosemary scones. They’re super simple and can be done in no time. You can also cut them into little heart shapes to make them more festive.

Drive around some neighborhoods you’ve never been to before and pick out which house is your favorite.

Buy hordes of candy from the Valentine’s Day section.

Get dressed up just to walk around the grocery store.

Make a charcuterie board.

Have a self-care day.

Disclaimer: Please still maintain social distancing and wear a mask. If you hang out with someone, please make sure you are safe. The person I am seen with is the only person I see outside of school and work and we continue to practice COVID guidelines when in public.