Virtual Patriot Expedition: A Resource for Students


Sarah Williams, Writer

Remember your first visit to Bob Jones as an eighth-grader? You were astonished by how many classes you could take and how big the school was, even though it seems small now. For upcoming ninth graders, their first trip to their future high school is a big deal. I remember being overwhelmed with the course catalog and registration forms when I was an eighth-grader and the Patriot Expedition actually helped me a lot.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eighth graders this year will not be able to visit the school in person like they normally would each year. Instead, the teachers have been planning a virtual Patriot Expedition with all the same information they would have learned if it would’ve been in person.  The videos will inform the upcoming students of their options.

Teachers hope the expedition will be helpful to students as they choose their courses and extracurricular activities, even without visiting in person.

This resource will also be helpful to current Bob Jones students looking to change their 4-year plans. Once the resource is shared with students, Patriot Pages will include a link to it.