Race Around Madison


Bree Soto, Writer

Want to spend some time outside having fun? Maybe win a few prizes, too? Well, the Bob Jones-hosted Race Around Madison might just be the event for you!

Race Around Madison was designed to encourage families to explore their home city. At the event, people will drive around Madison while completing tasks at town landmarks and local businesses, all while competing against others for prizes. The entry fee is $5 per group of four and $2 per extra person. 

Sam Uchitel, a senior, is the CEO and main organizer of this event that’s bound to be a blast for friends and family. The project is a part of an entrepreneurship class at Bob Jones. While working to bring Race Around Madison to life, Sam learned how to “adapt” and how to “work by [himself],” valuable skills to have in the workplace. Sam wanted to help “bring our community closer together during these hard times” and decided that Race Around Madison was the way to do it.

The event is set to occur on April 10th, from 10 am to 1 pm at the south Bob Jones parking lot, rain or shine. Covid precautions will be in place and social distancing will be enforced. You can view the Race Around Madison site for more details. Hope to see you there!