Bob Jones Registration in 2021


Brandon Clark, Writer

With the 4th nine weeks winding down and the 2021 school year coming to a close, it is important that Bob Jones students plan their next steps and register for the upcoming school year.

To begin, you should have received your registration packet from your advisory teacher. If you happened to have missed that day or are a student attending virtually, printing off your document from the comfort of your home is an option. The registration packet is essential because it lets you see every option available to you. Classes range from World Languages and Sciences to even the Arts. While there is quite a selection, you must be sure to remember that you need the appropriate amount of credits (24) to graduate, meaning four classes in the fall and four classes in the spring. Make room for your core classes(Math, English, Social Studies, etc..) while balancing the classes most appealing to you, whether they be nine-week, semester, or year-long courses.

 The course catalog is another helpful document that is worth going through. Unlike the Registration packet, you don’t need to list anything out. Instead, it gives you a brief description of what each class curriculum entails, making it easier on your selection process. 

After having gone through these documents, the final step is requesting the courses in PowerSchools. Log into PowerSchools using your school email and press the “Class Registration” button located in the navigation tab. From there, you can input the courses you chose in your registration packet. Picking out a few alternates is strongly recommended in the event that your desired class is not available.

When asked about a common mistake students often make during this process, Mr. Fowler, a counselor a Bob Jones stated, ” When students are requesting dual enrollment blocks, coop blocks, etc., they need to be specific as to where they want those blocks to be in their schedule. If someone put “dual enrollment”, I have no idea if they want to dual enroll during the fall or spring semester or what blocks they want off for dual enrollment. “

As the April 16 deadline draws nearer, be sure that you make an effort to choose the courses best suited for you to ensure an easy and smooth transition to the next school year.  

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