Patriot Path: Will It Ever Come Back?


Matthew Pimmel, Writer

Something has been missing from this school year ever since the beginning, and it’s a little thing called Patriot Path. Patriot Path was widely considered a great way to unwind during the school week. Every Wednesday after lunch you could use it as a study hall, drink coffee, play Super Smash Brothers, card games, frisbee, theatrics, and more. However, once the school shut down on March 13th, 2020, all signs of continuing Patriot Path stopped in their tracks. Even when the new school year dawned, Patriot Path was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps it was unrealistic to assume such a group-centric period of the day would return during an international pandemic, but as said, the pandemic is starting to come to an end. Many students are wondering: Will Patriot Path resume next year?

According to a recent student poll, many students would like Patriot Path to come back someday. While about 35% of the students asked said they were either indifferent to it or didn’t like it, about 65% of the students said they missed Patriot Path but had some improvements they’d like to add if it was to return. These improvements mostly included having more varied options. As one student said, “Keep in mind we are high schoolers, and we just want something simple but fun to do with friends.”

There’s been no word from any of the principals on whether or not Patriot Path will return. Considering a large number of students would like it to return and the virus numbers are improving, I predict there’s a decent chance we’ll see it again in the fall.