Therapy Dogs and Patriot Paws


Reece Stewart, Contributor

The Patriot Path known as therapy dogs is a great way to decompress and visit some furry friends during school. This Patriot Path session is one of a kind and doesn’t happen very often. Team members from the Therapy Partner organization visit schools and bring one of their furry friends with them. During the path, the team member goes in-depth about the dog and how they use their animals to bring smiling faces to people all over. We also have a club here at Bob Jones called Patriot Paws. 

Patriot Paws in an organization/club where you can donate things such as dog food, cat food, washing detergent, and paper towels to non-profit animal rescues. Also under Patriot Paws in the Bob Jones website, Mrs. Coker stated, “Patriot Paws is a club dedicated to educating students and the community about animal rescue in North Alabama.”

If you are a student and have already visited a therapy dog during your path, you can always join Patriot Paws and meet with the team during patriot paths. You can get hands-on experience working at the shelters and listen to guest speakers that come to give more detail about what they do and how you can help. Also if you are not the biggest dog fan during the Patriot Path meeting, they don’t only rescue dogs–they rescue cats as well. 

 If you want time to decompress and learn more about therapy dogs then I strongly suggest considering Therapy Dogs as your next Patriot path. But hey if you decide that’s not enough, you can join Patriot Paws! You can sign up or get more information by emailing Mrs. Coker or visiting her in room N217.