How to Keep Yourself Safe From COVID-19 While Still Having Fun


Lona Anderson, Contributor

Here are some ways to stay safe from COVID-19 while enjoying activities you love. I hope these ideas help or can be used in your daily life!

  1. Get Vaccinated. The FDA just recently approved the Pfizer vaccine! The COVID-19 vaccine helps prevent getting COVID-19 and being hospitalized by it. You can call your local pharmacy or doctor to set up an appointment to get vaccinated.

     2.  Wear a Mask. Wearing a mask correctly helps keep everyone safe, not only from COVID-19, but other viruses that are spread through air transmission. If standard reusable masks feel uncomfortable to you, there are so many alternative options to choose from. With a quick google search, you can find a mask that fits your specific needs.

     3.  Social Distance. Social distancing is easily applicable to outside activities. By making sure you are six feet apart from other people, your chance of getting sick or transferring an illness to another person is significantly lower. For example, make plans with smaller groups of friends, eat lunch outside, and if you go to a football game, try sitting in a less crowded section. 

     4.  Practice Good Hygiene. While it might seem like common sense, washing your hands for thirty seconds with soap and warm water can make a huge difference in the spread of any virus or bacteria. With COVID-19, additional measures can be taken to help provide a fun and safe environment for all involved. Measures as simple as sanitizing your phone and being careful not to touch someone’s personal items are easy tasks.

Overall, the main objective during COVID-19 is to stay as safe as possible. Taking precautions like the ones listed above could possibly save someone’s life. And while COVID-19 has not been without controversy, I try to remind myself that we have all been impacted in some way. At the end of the day, I don’t mind taking a few preventive measures or being a bit uncomfortable if it eases someone’s anxiety or allows for a little more fun!