School’s Out For….Fall!

School’s Out For….Fall!

Lauren Roper-Jefferson, Contributor

I know. It’s not as good-sounding as the soothing wind of two months of summer vacation filled with the absence of classrooms, studying, and non-stop masks, but fall break is right around the corner. What are you doing with your fall break? In a recent poll, some students revealed that they didn’t have real plans. One participant stated, “I don’t really know what my plans are exactly, but I’ll probably be playing on my phone.” Instead of staying on a device, here are a few suggestions to get your vacation started:


 Trip to the Movies

Grab your family and/or friends, a few blankets, and don’t forget the dog or cat when you set up the projector at a local park. Getting outside and away from the indoors is good for your soul, but who said you had to be standing? Or, if you want to go it the quiet way in the coolness of indoors, here are the showtimes at Cineplanet 15. 



Yoga is not only good for bonding time, but it helps improve your strength and sleeping habits as well. Relieving stress is also a pro to the activity. For beginners, here is a YouTube channel to get started. Yoga With Adriene is a popular yoga youtuber who does 30-day challenges for those just getting into the activity.


 A Haunted House

Halloween is right around the corner, meaning haunted houses are already opening. If you think you’re brave enough to handle one hundred jump scares, pushing through a haunted house might be for you. One that will be open that Friday and Saturday is DoomsDay Haunted Attraction. Here is where you can look more into this activity.


 Hiking or Biking

Taking a sweet, slow hike through the woods is much less stress on your heart than a haunted house. Or, a slow ride on a mountain trail could fill up the time on Fall Break. Just fetch your bike or two for a friend, put on a helmet, and ride the afternoon away. You can see about opening hours at a local trail


 Netflix and Chill



I’m not going to lie. This is the first thing on my to-do list as soon as school is out that coming Friday. Some of the fondest moments can come from taking a chill pill, kicking your feet up, cozying with some popcorn and a sherpa blanket and binge-watching the latest episodes of Money Heist.



Handy or not in the kitchen, baking is fun for the whole family. Just try not to burn the house down. To get you started, here are forty fresh fall recipes from Our Best Fall Desserts: 40 Delicious Recipes to Make All Season Long




A holiday classic that can never go out of style. A getaway from Madison could be all you need to enjoy a pleasant Fall Break, but be aware of the safety of yourself and those around you. Head to the sandy beaches, maybe a getaway to a cabin in Gatlinburg, or whatever you and your family want. Expedia could help you get started with browsing. 


However you chose to spend your seven days away from school, just make sure you do two things – have fun and stay safe. That’s all you need to have a great Fall Break.