Debates about Discord


Julia Schwartz and Lily Shelton

Discord has recently released a new feature- Student Hubs. Student Hubs are a place that students can turn to, both for laughs and help. They are a collection of servers, added by the students, that can be for official clubs or just for fun! To join, all you need is Discord and a school email. Enter your email into the Student Hub section, and Discord will email you when your hub has been created!

The Bob Jones Student Hub was created not too long ago, but it already has about 80 members and 12 servers. Some of the more serious ones include the BJHS Marching Band server and the BJHS Theatre and Musical server. Some of the less official servers include Team Awesome and the Bob Jones Treehuggers. 

Servers like the Bob Jones Treehuggers were “created in response to the tearing down of all the trees in the north parking lot,” to quote the server itself. It is a friendly place to socialize and share your opinions about the trees being taken down. Other servers, like the BJHS Theatre and Musical, were created as a place for people to get tips on acting and to talk about the upcoming musical. Anyone, in theatre or not, is welcome there!

After surveying a few students, we found that opinions on the Student Hubs varied greatly. Many students hadn’t heard of the Students Hubs. Student Jacob Uchitel said, “I don’t have Discord and Student Hubs sound boring and useless.” Other students showed concern towards the use of Student Hubs. Student Aimee Choup mentioned, “I like Discord and hope this Student Hub doesn’t become a space where people are going to be bullied or anything.” 

 Although these comments show reluctance to join and worries about what may happen, other students were happy to share their good experiences with Discord. Student Jordan McGowen stated, “I like Discord because it’s easy to make friends as well as hang out with your friends to voice call and do homework or gaming.” Hopefully, more students will give Student Hubs a chance, and not let negative reviews get in the way.

Our student hub is a very active place. People are always goofing off and having fun, and it is always a fun place to be. While it is used less for help with schoolwork and projects, the people there will always be open to helping out a peer. Our student hub is small right now, compared to how many people are at this school. But no matter how big it is, it will always reflect what this school is- a friendly, welcoming place for everyone who wants to join.