A Therapy Dog Named Oreo

Zion Jessie and MyCayla Davis

With finals approaching, students have been hitting the books and doing whatever they need to do to perfect their grades. Therapy dogs came to the school to relieve some stress from the students. It’s scientifically proven that dogs are not only good listeners, but they lower your blood pressure. Mrs. Coker, the sponsor of Patriot Paws, arranged for this event.

Meet Oreo! He is a Maltipoo. Since he’s a rescue dog, his age was estimated to be around 4-5 years old. He was one of the dogs that tagged along on the field trip to the Bob, and he toured various classrooms. The therapy services representative said that Oreo was in training for 18 months.

In addition to his classroom visits at Bob Jones, he has recently visited elementary students in Huntsville, and he sat patiently and attentively while the students read him picture books. He visits students of all ages, including students getting ready for finals at UAH. You also might have seen him recently in local Christmas parades.