New Year’s Resolutions: Good Luck!


TJ Sanders, Contributor

There are three different kinds of people: the ones that make New Year’s resolutions and try to stick with them but fall out in a month or so, the ones that make don’t make resolutions whatsoever knowing they won’t follow them, and the very small percentage of people who make them and follow them throughout the year. 

First are the ones who make them and are so confident initially but fail to follow through. These are the majority of people around. It’s like you want to do something so bad, but you just can’t do it. 

The second group of people don’t make any resolutions at all. I am personally associated with this group and am proud of it. I see why people don’t make resolutions now. If you really want to change yourself, you can do things about it whenever you feel like you need it and don’t need to start losing weight and “wait till The new year” it creates more excuses not to do things and just put it off till then.

The final group makes resolutions and sticks them out. I swear these people are a different breed like if they say they’re going lose weight this year and they actually do it, it really shows something. I think you have deeper things going on than just a dedication to losing weight. But props to you guys for real!

Per my survey, losing weight resolution is the most popular resolution, and also per my survey, most people never make it more than two weeks. So whatever your resolutions are, I wish you luck!