Most Popular Patriot Paths


Ashley Florence, Contributor

Patriot Path is something to look forward to on Wednesdays, so as the school year comes to a close, I wanted to see which Patriot Paths students enjoyed most. Mrs. Carroll shared the most requested official list of the most requested paths:

  • Coffee, Tea, and Conversation,
  • Play-Doh
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Uno, Checkers, Jenga!
  • Any time the therapy dogs were offered
  • Doodle & Draw
  • Any DIY craft paths!

I also conducted a survey. Many people enjoyed Doodle and Draw with many positive comments. Jordan Kubecki said that Doodle and Draw was “a calm place to draw.” Hannah Soutward replied, “It was very chill.” Lauren Bruce said, “I used it for both drawing in my sketchbook for fun and catching up in my art classes.” 

Coffee, Tea, and Conversations was another favorite. Emily Duong commented, “The coffee was quite nice, and it had good background chatter without being overly loud (since I work better with some background noise) that let me do any schoolwork needed.” Alexia Elitzer said, “This is my favorite because coffee is the number one thing I need during school after a stressful day studying and learning too many things.”

Multimedia Lab gave access to certain items that students may not be able to play around with at home. Gavin Alger said, “I like the group of people there, and I can do makeup work or be creative on the computers.” Carmen Hunderman said, “I liked being on the Macs and getting access to Adobe products.”

Many other students liked the various movie Patriot Paths, Make Your Own Earrings, and Spike ball. Some said that they like the movie Patriot Paths because the movies were good. Another person said they liked to be able to come and relax and read with background noise. Other students seem to enjoy the Make Your Own Earrings Patriot Path. One of the students from this path, Abby Neely, was very enthusiastic, “I really enjoyed making silly earrings with my bestie (like the dinosaur earring we made). And it was cool to learn how to actually make earrings from scratch!”  The students who said they liked the Spikeball Patriot Path said that it was fun and they liked to get competitive with friends. As for other Patriot Paths, students seemed to enjoy the sports and games. 

There was also one particular individual who strongly requested for the cooking Patriot Path to be brought back. 

As for me, I enjoyed the Quiet Reading Rooms. I liked to find a good seat in the back and sit down with my book and let the world around me fade away for a bit. Afterward, I always felt a bit rested and ready for my next class. 

When the next school year rolls around, I hope that Patriot Path continues to provide students with a brief break and a fun environment. And to that one student, I hope you get your Cooking Path back.