JC Hate Week: A Pep Rally Finale


Jaden Gilbert, Writer

It was the first pep rally since 2019! But pep rallies are back!

Bob Jones ended the half day with a pep rally in the big gym. Students enjoyed a class tug-of-war competition, a performance from the cheerleaders and band, and a chance to hype the football team for today’s big game against JC.

This pep rally and tonight’s game will end JC Hate Week. It is like spirit week for Homecoming. It’s more about showcasing our school spirit than it is about hating JC, though there was been a lot of trash talking on social media this week. This is kind of like Alabama’s Hate Week leading up to the University of Tennessee game.

For JC Hate Week, BJ students dressed up for different days like Monday was Adam Sandler Day. These dress-up days help gets students hyped for the rivalry game against James Clemens and Bob Jones since James Clemens opened. Bob Jones has been on a recent losing streak, but there is hope that year’s team will put an end to that.

Be sure to show up for tonight’s game, and WEAR RED. Let’s go, Patriots!