Halloween: All Dressed Up


Aubrey Gibson, Aubrianna Maxwell

With Halloween coming up soon, people are buying costumes. So what should we expect to see people dressing up as? 

Halloween is a time for people to dress up as their idol, a movie character from recently released or popular movies, something scary, or just something goofy. It’s a time to just have fun and get some candy.

With a few new movies and seasons of some very popular shows, here are some characters you should expect to see:

You might see Elvis Presley costumes from the recent Elvis movie. This movie was a huge hit and his outfits have a very “fashionable” taste. We predict some kids will be dressed up as him considering his outfits and hair have fun costume potential.

With the new sequel of Top Gun: Maverick being released in early summer, which was a huge hit, we’d expect to see people dress up as Rooster and Maverick. Maverick played by Tom Cruise, who was very good-looking in the 80s when the first one came out, is still looking good in the 2022 sequel. Rooster had people drooling over him. Rooster and Maverick would be a great duo costume and not too hard to pull off.

Stranger Things will probably inspire some costumes, such as Eddie Munson, Max Mayfield, Eleven, and even Vecna. Seeing as the show is set in the 80s, you can expect to see parents dress up as these wonderful characters as well. 

Another popular movie that came out this year is Minions: The Rise of Gru. This movie caused many teens across the country to do a new trend, where they show up in suits to watch this movie, so it’s expected many will dress up again for Halloween. Movie theaters across the country had to start kicking teenagers out of the movies because it was getting too wild.

There are still plenty of other costumes from other shows or movies you should be expecting to see, but with these recent releases, these currently seem to be the most popular. There are also all the classic costumes, too. What will you be for Halloween?