DramaFest 2022


What should you be doing on Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm? Supporting the Bob Jones Patriot Players at DramaFest! See individual and duet performances as well as the one-act competition show, Opening Night for the Diva. Student tickets will be $5 & adults $10.

Director Mr. Tilton, who also wrote the script, described the show as follows: “Talking pictures are all the rage in 1928, but The Diva is rehearsing her artistic comeback for the theatrical stage–if she can only get some rest. With the help of her personal assistant Elsie they bring in a friend to pose as The Diva just as word gets out that a celebrity is in town. The mayor, talent agents, gangsters, and more want to see a preview of the show when Elsie discovers The Diva is dead…but the show must go on!”