Need Help? Tutoring is Now Available

Need Help? Tutoring is Now Available

Lily Shelton, Contributor

With the start of a new semester, new tutoring options are available for Bob Jones students! The tutoring options include Chemistry, English, and Math. Starting January 9, students and teachers will meet from 3:45-4:30. Transportation will be available within the next few weeks, however, for these first few meets, bus schedules will not be in place. Chemistry meets on Tuesday and Thursday in the media center, English meets on Tuesday and Thursday in room S220, and Math meets Mondays and Wednesdays in room N120. 

Tutoring may seem a bit intimidating, so it can be beneficial to listen to others and their experiences. Senior Matthew Pimmel said, “I have taken after-school tutoring several times in the past, and I can say that every time I felt more confident in the subject after it. The one-on-one aspect of it encourages asking questions and being able to walk through steps of a problem can help with understanding.” Reaching out for help can be a beneficial aspect of your learning career. Failing to reach out may set you back, so it’s best to get help before anything gets too severe or you feel too discouraged. Senior Sergio Rivera said, “I’ve heard from people that a tutor is probably what they might need,” indicating that people often fail to reach out. Sometimes it just isn’t easy for students to reach out for help.

Although there are many tutoring options, students and parents may feel overwhelmed or at a loss when trying to find what options are best for them. Bob Jones or Madison City itself could lessen the stress involved in this process. Even teachers don’t always know the best direction to point students in, which means that not everyone gets the best help that they deserve. A great option for Bob Jones and Madison City as a whole would be to organize tutoring resources for all courses in one place for students, parents, and teachers alike to reference. If a student is already feeling overwhelmed, that student doesn’t need the stress of trying to find a tutor. Until this issue is addressed, the best options for students, when it comes to tutoring, are to ask teachers and counselors about what would be best for them OR to use the tutoring offered below.

If you’re interested in registering for the after-school tutoring, use this link to join. 

For any other questions, contact your guidance counselor.

Ms. Anderson: [email protected]

Mr. Van Dorn: [email protected]

Mr. Delbridge: [email protected]