Graduation 2023

Graduation 2023

Gina Lanyi, Contributor

Graduation will be on May 15th at 2 pm and will take place at the Von Braun Center. For other students, it will be a virtual day, so try to come on out and bid our seniors farewell one last time!

The time is finally here for seniors to prepare themselves for the next part of their lives. The thought of leaving high school after all this time can bring a lot of mixed feelings. The thought of having to walk across that stage, everything building up to that one moment. Even the thought of it is pretty terrifying. Senioritis has already set in and most students just want to leave already, but it can also be intimidating to take that step, figuratively and literally.

I decided to try and get an inside view of how the seniors are feeling, so some of them were interviewed on graduation coming up in just a few weeks, and just the senior activities that were offered this year as a whole. Overall, a lot of the seniors said that they were excited to finally leave but were also in disbelief that high school would finally be over for them so soon. 

Emily Duong, a senior and contributor to Patriot Pages for all four years of high school, stated, “The fact that I am graduating in less than a week is very surreal. I can’t believe it’s about to be over. Getting all the perks as a senior has been fun. The slideshow let me reminisce on my past and how my old friends have been holding up (for better or for worse), and senior day was a blast. However, I know that the second I’m gone, I’m gonna miss this school.” Another senior, Matthew Pimmel, said, “While it’ll be sad to say goodbye to this chapter of my life, it’s time for something different. The activities were pretty fun, it was nice to get one last big group event with some people I’ve spent most of my life with at this point.” 

Many seniors seem to accept the end of their time in high school and, even if it is a bit intimidating, are ready to start their lives in college, the military, or the workforce.