Mr. Parker’s Christmas

Sean Sheil and Matt Kuenzli

The Christmas season is all about giving and being with family, but some people might not have anyone to spend this holiday.  You may not know it, but you walk past students every day, especially in the halls of Bob Jones High School.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how can you help?

Mr. Robby Parker has thought about this very question and he has acted out a plan where anyone alone on Christmas at Bob Jones can spend Christmas with his family.  Only the best of people try to help others around this time of year and he is helping in a very tremendous way.

“That is a good man”, says Mrs. Davis, the drama teacher, after hearing one of Mr. Parker’s proposals telling people he will let them share Christmas with his family. He has said that if there was a big enough turn out he will have this party at the school.

Matt Kuenzli, a student at Bob Jones says, “I think it’s a pretty cool idea. It is an extremely good thing to do, giving your own students the chance to have a merry Christmas. ” Mr. Parker hasn’t yet given out the exact date and time in which he will be hosting this great Christmas party, but the students at Bob Jones will surely be eager to collect the information.

Students of Bob Jones remember this Christmas holiday season you may think that your alone but with a great principal like Mr. Parker you never really are.