Teens with Jobs: the Pros and Cons

Deshaun Williams, Writer

With the new school year many teenagers are wondering what will become of their summer jobs. There are plenty of students out there juggling school and work, which is NOT an easy job, especially if you work during the week. Working as a teen during the school year tends to be stressful and tiresome.

The biggest question is what are the cons of working during the school year. Some students may not get a fast start in their grades because they have plenty on their plate already. Maybe they have to stop extracurricular activities at school, or have to miss a club that they have always been in or always wanted to be in. Between juggling school responsibilities and their job, there isn’t enough time for a social life either. All of those factors may have to be put into consideration when working students are making the decision of getting or even keeping their job as school starts again.

“I think teens having jobs are great because it adds extra responsibility,” said one local woman in the community.

A working student always has to stay on their toes when they have to balance school and work on a daily basis. However, there are also benefits of working while being in school. Some students are saving money for college or for a car, others want to start getting work experience for the future so they already get in the hang of working. This is either to build their work portfolios, or so they can experience  how it feels to go to work which will prepare them for the future. Working at a young age can be a bit stressful but when they start early teens are given the opportunity to not only start bringing in their own income, but learning the responsibilities of balancing work, school, and fun.