Foster Animal Angel Tree

Payton Childress, Writer

Patriot Paws, one of the many clubs at Bob Jones, organizes a Foster Animal Angel tree every year in the month of December. The Angel Tree has pictures of dogs and cats in local shelters hanging on it. You can simply pick a dog/cat you want to help and pick up the items they need. Once you get the items, bring the photo of the animal you picked and the items to Mrs. Coker in room N217 by December 18th.

Patriot Paws supports Friends of Rescue, MARF, Felines and Canines Rescue Shelter, and many local shelters. Felines and Canines Rescue Center has saved over 4,000 cats and dogs. It takes a great deal of cleaning supplies to keep the shelter neat and germ-free. They always need donations like Clorox wipes, bleach, and paper towels.MARF and Friends of Rescue provide all supplies and pay for all vet expenses which is expensive. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Local shelters often euthanize animals for space because they do not have the money to afford food and other supplies to care for the many animals that are in the shelter. Donations to local shelters will save many animals’ lives.