A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Abbigail Jackson and Ethan Miller

This article was going to be about what people thought about the Mr. Rogers movie, but I was met with the shock that no one I polled or interviewed had seen it yet. The movie has been out for almost a month. Now I’m here to tell you why you should see this heart-warming movie while it’s still in theaters.

Mr. Rogers had a television show called “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” in which he helped teach the young viewers (along with their parents) about serious real world topics.  The show first aired on PBS on February 19, 1968 and ended on August 31, 2001. The show was popular for the very friendly and gentle aura he gave off as he talked to the children (seemingly directly) like they were equals. Maybe because of the timeframe in which the show originally aired, Bob Jones students didn’t seem to be as excited about this film when compared to teachers or parents who grew up when the show originally aired.

Why should teens want to watch this movie? Because it’s about kindness, and the world needs the message of kindness reinforced. Also, it’s just a great movie.

The movie followed the television show’s warm, gentle, and funny vibe. The movie was based on true events between Fred Rogers and Lloyd Vogel in 1998 as Llyod had to interview Fred for an article he was writing for work. The casting director Avy Kaufman couldn’t have picked better actors/actresses for the role of Fred, his wife, his crew, or Lloyd and his family. The movie was beautifully shot and depicted the story it told very well- a true tear jerker. Tom Hanks played Mr.Rogers, a perfect choice truly. He played his role convincingly as he brought the audience to the brink of tears and laughter.

The movie has been highly rated by many renowned critics. It can even make you a better person just by watching it. It’s beautiful day to see it’s “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.”