Best Christmas Gifts for Teens 2019


Kayla Hill and Aarieal Ammons-Morris

This Christmas holiday season is here which means it’s time to start shopping for gifts. Whether if it’s for your child, brother, sister, cousin, or you want to treat yourself, we got you. Here are a few suggestions:


AirPods are the most popular product that Apple produced this year. These can be for any age. They’re bluetooth headphones made for Apple devices, but they’re smart enough to connect to Androids as well. The battery life is astonishing. You can listen to up to five hours on one charge. The charging case allows up to 24 hours so you can charge them for 15 minutes and get at least three more hours of playtime. There’s no complicated set up, just pair it with your phone and you can begin using it immediately.


Books are more popular than ever as more authors are writing books based on realistic events that kids can relate to. Statistics show that more books have been bought in the past three years. Print books sales rose by almost 2 percent in 2017, and continued to rise in 2018, mostly due to the strength of adult nonfiction sales. Books can help with emotional development, so help your friends and family become their best selves with some great book gifts.

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are trending especially for teens that love the app TikTok. It makes pictures and videos look ten times better. You can put them almost anywhere; around a mirror, the ceiling of a room, around the frame of a bed, etc. It enhances the mood of a room. Some change colors to the beat of music, which can be fun for parties or just chilling in your room. 


Some people use fashion to express themselves more.  For girls this year, bright sweaters, dark and distressed jeans, biker shorts, and crop tops are trending. For boys, hoodies, distressed denim jeans, sling bags, denim jackets with fur lining, and watches are trending. These are great choices for Christmas gifts this year.

Gift Cards/Money

If you’re a lost parent and don’t know what’s poppin’ this year, gift cards are very convenient for last minute gifts. It allows the person receiving it to choose what they actually want instead of your assumptions. It saves disappointment and regrets of buying it. You can also use gift cards for in-store purchases or online depending on the provider and store. If you don’t know what store to choose, Visa offers gift cards that you can use for possibly any store. Cash is another option as well.

Hopefully this list helps you find a good gift for a friend or relative, even for yourself. Remember– it’s the thought that counts!