The Promised Neverland: A Must Watch


Mackenzie Hardin, Writer

Are you bored and need an intriguing binge-worthy show to watch? Because if you are, I have the perfect show for you. If you’re interested in mystery, horror, and sci-fi you should most definitely watch The Promised Neverland. The lives of the main characters in this show are insanely interesting and you’ll be captivated by each one and eager to know what happens to them in each episode.

At first glance, it comes off as a kids’ show. It seems very bright and very comforting, but it’s way deeper than that and that’s what pulls you in, the surprises in each episode you would never expect.

 The story follows three characters named Emma, Ray, and Norman. They’re orphans at a very peculiar orphanage. The three characters go through a lot of interesting character development as they deal with odd scary things, that kids their age should never have to go through. 

The shock and intensity in every episode keeps you anxious in curiosity to press the next episode instantly each time. Another thing you’ll love about it besides the intensity is the amazing art style, the characters are drawn in a way you don’t see in many shows. 

In episode one, you’ll meet each character and see the beautiful orphanage, and how knowledge and studying are highly valued there. You’ll meet their interesting caretaker who everyone calls ‘Mama’ whose an interesting character. But you’ll also notice something odd about all the orphans, such as the numbers tattooed on their necks, and pearly white clean uniforms for playful children. 

All the orphans live a fairly happy normal life. They have amazing meals, playtime, and have never experienced suffering. Although that all sounds amazing, things change quicker than they all including the viewer could’ve expected. Their childhoods are quickly snatched away from them when they realize there’s more going on at the orphanage than their being told.