CyberPatriots Await Competition Results

Laiken Justice and Kaitlyn Thompson

This past Friday, our AFJROTC CyberPatriot teams competed in Round 3 of the national CyberPatriot competition.  Team leaders Abigail Warren, Brandon Clark, and Ethan Fury revved up the teams in preparation for the hard work that would unfold. With Warren’s great dedication and impeccable leadership skills, Fury’s inspiring energy (which he brings to every competition), and Clark’s great leadership skills and great relations with his team members, the teams got ready to handle the competition in a quick and smooth fashion. 

Bob Jones has a total of five teams; however, three of those teams are totally composed of AFJROTC cadets.  Warren is the team lead for CyberKnights; Clark leads CyberBlue, and Fury leads CyberForce.  The competition started just like any other – smooth, but rather drawn out to the casual observer.  As the competition progressed, things got a lot more difficult for everyone. Team members were stressed, but that is part of the thoughtful and detailed process. 

The teams worked hard and relentlessly for six hours straight.  There was no time for breaks, or even seemingly, lunch. The coach, Major Melissa Lacey, brought pizza, snacks, and drinks in so the teams did not have to leave Patriot Hall and break their momentum.  At the end of the day, the teams were proud of their performance. Freshmen team members Manfred Rosero and Drew Crocker both stated they were “‘ confident’” in their teams and had absolutely enjoyed the intense competition. The teams are awaiting their results.