Calhoun Community College Adding Cross Country

The largest community college in Alabama, along with Athletic director Nancy Keenum, expands athletic program


Ryan Bender, Writer

Calhoun Community College’s athletic program currently has softball, baseball, men and women’s golf, and e-sports.

Beginning in the fall, men and women’s cross country will be added to the program.

Athletic Director Nancy Keenum has been at the college for 37 years. She says since the pandemic, enrollment has plummeted. With the addition of a new sports team, the college can count on those athletes to add to enrollment.

“Even if it’s only 20 students, we know that we’ll have 20 more students in the fall than we would have without our cross country team,” Keenum said on WAFF.

The latest announcement follows a decades-old trend of programs being added and removed by the school. These hopes to get the name of the college advertised and to rebuild the athletic program.

Coach McIllwain of Bob Jones track and cross country said, “I think it’s a great idea and opportunity for local high school runners to be able to get their foot in the door to run for a college. It gives high school athletes a chance to keep improving to use as a stepping stone to getting to run for a major college. With all the talent we have in the area, I’m sure the Calhoun program will grow and prosper, and hopefully, other community colleges will start programs to give more opportunities to high school athletes.”

Calhoun is the largest community college in Alabama, and Keenum has shown a desire to add nearly all mainstream sports to the school.

The college is currently seeking a coach for the teams.