The Cleanliness (Or Lack Thereof)


Eric Joy, Contributor

When I created a survey for Bob Jones students to take on the subject of the Cleanliness of the School, I was expecting it to be hammered with negative responses. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Over a third of the students chose the option “Fairly Clean” on the overall cleanliness of the school. The next closest option, “Neutral Opinion” came in with a final tally of twelve out of thirty-eight votes. In third was the option “Fairly Dirty,” coming in with nine votes. Both “Very Dirty!” and “Very Clean!” came in with two votes each. Gina Lanyi, a freshman who voted “Very Clean!”, gave this response justifying her vote, “The school is pretty clean in my opinion.” On the other hand, Jacob Utichel, a freshman who voted “Very Dirty” had this to say, “It needs to be cleaned!” 

Also on the survey, I asked people what they thought about the cleanliness of the bathrooms, classrooms, lunchroom, and hallways. The results, again, surprised me. When asked about the Cleanliness of the lunchroom, the most common response was “Neutral Opinion”, coming in with fifteen out of thirty-eight responses. When asked about the cleanliness of the bathrooms, “Neutral Opinion” Was again the most common response, with fourteen out of thirty-eight. “Fairly Dirty” was the second most chosen response, coming in with ten out of thirty-eight votes. When asked about the cleanliness of the hallways, “Fairly Clean” won out with an overwhelming majority of twenty-one out of thirty-eight. On the subject of the Teacher’s classrooms, “Fairly Clean” won big again, coming in with twenty-four out of thirty-eight (Good job Teachers!). 

If I was to vote on the survey, I don’t think I would vote as positively as a lot of people did. Considering the fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lunchroom in a state of cleanliness, I think I would have to vote “Fairly Dirty” for the lunchroom. For the bathrooms, again, I’ve never seen a clean bathroom at Bob Jones, so, “Fairly Dirty” will once again be my choice. The hallways, on the other hand, aren’t bad at all. Sure, it is annoying to see the occasional piece of trash in the corner, but overall, they aren’t bad. “Neutral Opinion” will be my choice. Most classrooms, however, are pretty clean. I don’t think I’ve really ever been in a consistently dirty classroom, so I would vote “Very Clean!” Teachers generally do a great job at keeping their classrooms clean.  

Overall, I think my final decision for the overall score would be “Fairly Dirty” considering the current status of the Bathrooms. I am not blaming the janitors on the status and the school, and most people who took the survey agreed with me on this. “It really is our responsibility as students to keep things tidy, not even clean, just Not Dirty. We only have like two janitors on staff, so it isn’t fair to make the school a disaster,” senior Samantha Krueger stated.