Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Who Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness?


Elizabeth Riley and Makinzie Brown

Black Friday is an American tradition that millions of Americans look forward to every year. Some people fear getting trampled by crowds of angry moms trying to get Christmas gifts. Most people love Black Friday like TJ Sanders who thinks, “It’s very nice” or they think it’s unnecessary like Lily who said, “Black Friday brings out the worst in people.” As you all know Black Friday happens one day a year, which is the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas season starts.

Black Friday gets the name from their sales being in the red all year and then the day after Thanksgiving they would be in the black, indicating good sales for the store. The term “ Black Friday” was made popular by traffic police in 1950’s Philadelphia because they despised all the traffic the day after Thanksgiving, but the term had a negative connotation.

The first use of Black Friday was in 1869 when gold prices majorly declined and the market crashed.

In many people’s opinion, Black Friday is better than Cyber Monday because as Aaylah Stoop said, “It’s much more fun to go in person than to do it online.”

Jacob Utichel thinks Cyber Monday is better because “people just shop online nowadays.” Most students polled prefer Black Friday over Cyber Monday. If you don’t want to join in on the chaos of in-person shopping, you can definitely find some online deals on Cyber Monday.