Don’t Leave Your Life Unfinished, Drive Safe

Emily Bohatch and Alanis Craig

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Rachel Bryan, Writer

Even after countless PSAs, news articles, and testimonies of people involved in wrecks because of distracted driving, many people continue driving distracted.

The CDC states that motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of American. teens. It is possible to prevent motor vehicle crashes by taking precautions, such as staying alert behind the wheel.

Sure, driving can be fun, but it is also a serious matter. One mistake on the road can put your life in danger. As many of you know, Bob Jones is participating in Celebrate My Drive, a campaign promoting commitments to safe driving. At, you can make daily commitments to safe driving and help Bob Jones earn enough commitments to gain a grant. All you have to do is provide your e-mail and your birthday, then answer two questions about safe driving.

After you’ve made your commitment, remember to follow through with it on the road. Drive safe.