Falcon And The Winter Soldier: A New Era


Zach Persons, Writer

After the Endgame, no one thought Cap would come back. After Steve Rogers went back in time to return the infinity stones, he decided to live the life he wanted, with the woman of his dreams, in his original time. When time caught up with the Avengers, Cap gave his shield, the symbol of America, to Sam Wilson, the current Falcon.

At the start of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam gives the shield to the United States Government. No viewer was surprised when the Government thought that America needed a new symbol of justice, a new Captain America…

While this show is another great Marvel Cinemas adaptation, there is a larger purpose for this series. While John Walker doesn’t stay as Cap, he is used to introducing a new villain to the MCU. According to the comics, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, or The Countess, is affiliated with an organization called Leviathan. This group is said to have some connection with the original MCU villains, Hydra.

However, what is probably the biggest takeaway from this show, is that Sam Wilson is the new Captain America. This shows the theme that one doesn’t need to be superhuman, to be able to achieve great things.

As we all know, everything in a Marvel adaptation has significance, so to see where every little detail in this show leads in the future, is very exciting. How will Isaiah play a part in the future? Will Sam become a Super Soldier? Will the US Agent be a significant threat in the future? I for one, can’t wait to see how they develop the timeline going forward.