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Dear Fox


It sounds like a joke, but if you put a fox at a keyboard, it can type. Sometimes, it can manage to make an advice column. Send in an email to [email protected], and it might be featured in a column. Always remember: cherish...

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Alexander Miller


Hey everyone! I'm a senior here at Bob Jones. I enjoy the simple things like music, good books and hanging out with friends. I plan on doing ROTC at Mississippi State and studying communications to be a Public Affairs Officer...

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Ryan Langston


Hi! My name is Ryan Langston. I am a freshman at Bob Jones. I am interested in sports, video games, and music. I don't have any career interests yet, but I do plan on going to college for now.

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Taylor Theakston


I am an ambitious, curious, left-brained person with a lot of right-brained involvement. My hobbies include playing drums, dancing, pageants, special effects makeup, journalism and film work. I intend to minor in business. Furthermore,...

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Trevor Peck


I'm a sophomore right now in Bob Jones and an okay writer overall. I like to think of myself as a relatively funny dude, but I could be wrong about that. I like to draw stupid cartoony things and collect socks. I also really ...

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Grace Hannah


I'm Grace, a freshman here at Bob Jones. I love to read and spend time with my four fabulous cats. I don't have a prejudice against dogs in general, but I like small dogs better than larger ones (my family just likes cats more...

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Jaylen Brown


I am a senior here at Bob Jones, and I really just do drama... that's about it. My dream is to go to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and major in film and new media with an emphasis in writing. I would love to...

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Annie Mayer


I'm Annie, and I'm a normal 10th-grade girl with big dreams. I love makeup and big cities, and that's about it. ...

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Joshua Lin


I am Joshua Lin, a freshman at Bob Jones High School. I take part in swim team, chess team, chess club, math team, and debate team. I also take piano lessons. I enjoy all things sports related, listening to music, and spending...

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Kimberly Hall


My name is Kimmy, and I'm a senior. I love animals, video games, and nature. I'm going to join the Army as a medic and then take advantage of the government in order to go to college cheap. I will probably study something medical...

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Sija Headrick


Well, hello. I am currently a freshwoman here at Bob Jones. I love the arts and everything that is creative. When I'm not participating in some sort of art such as theatre, mixed media, and writing, I enjoy relaxing with a nice...

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Michael Kelly


Hello, my name is Michael Kelly, and I am a junior currently attending Bob Jones High School. On my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with friends. The hardest classes I have ever taken are AP Language Arts,...

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Brittany Thomas


Hi, I'm a senior at BJHS. Some of my hobbies are nature photography and hiking. I'm planning on going to Calhoun and transferring to UAH. I'm not sure what I'm wanting to go into yet, but I've been thinking about veterinary medicine.

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Sam Uchitel


I am a freshman at Bob Jones. I do cross country and love playing football in my free time. I want to go to a really good business school. I am part of the debate team and math team. I am also one of the few kids at this school...

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Sarah Manas


I am (finally) a senior in high school. I love writing and drawing, and my specialty is either magic or action-adventure novels, and anime-like people. I plan to go to Calhoun after I graduate, and then I'll figure things out...

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Anna McCauley


What's up, Bob Jones? I'm Anna McCauley, and I'm a freshman. I dance at The Dance Company and love to play with my dog. Right now, I hope to pursue a career in physical therapy and get my degree at Auburn or JSU.

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Devin Steele


Hello, I'm a senior, and I like playing basketball with my friend. I'm kind of shy person, and I want to do computer tech when I graduate this year. I want to go to Calhoun, and this is the path that I will take in the real world.

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Kendall Lamb


Hello, my name is Kendall. I'm involved in band, smash during Patriot Path, engineering, and rocketry. I'm interested in going into the navy under cryptologic warfare. I'm interested in going to the naval academy. I'm also int...

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Brieanna Mikel


I'm a freshman. I played in Bob Jones marching band during football season. I want to be a band director when I grow up or a rehabilitation counselor. I like to write, read, or listen to music in my free time. I don't have any col...

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Violet Griffith


Yes, I am a freshman at BJHS. I enjoy talking with others, and, unfortunately, I can get easily charged about certain issues. I aspire to be an engineer or a genetic engineer. However, writing stories will likely be a hobby. I...

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Durant Thomas


What is up?! I'm Kyle or Durant, whichever you prefer. I've engaged in activities, such as football, Junior Civitans volunteer work, and being a "professional" memer. My Goal....Get Money!

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Andrew Lundberg


I love reading, writing, games, running, and music. I think I want to be a contractor. I love to sleep as well.  

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Janiya Foster


My name is Janiya, and I am a junior. I am a manager of the BJHS Track Team.

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Julia Bullington


I am a creative, curious, and very helpful person. My hobbies include painting, poetry, and acting. After high school, I would like to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts to pursue a career in acting.

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Harrison Jackson


I am a sophomore at Bob Jones. I run cross country and track. In my hobbies, I like to hang out with friends and speak Russian. For a career, I would like to be a Russian translator.

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Josiah Giles


History, Politics, Current Events, Societal Analyst. Internet Junkie. Armchair Psychologist. Comedic Commentator. Future Welder. I make dank music, too.

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Drew Brunner


Hi! My name is Drew and I'm a senior here at Bob Jones. I love history and politics. Learning about the two subjects is probably one of my favorite things. When I am not watching the news, spend my time watching soccer and talking...

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Alex Hindman


I am currently a junior. I like science, space, chemistry, writing, jokes, food, and games. I hope to be an astrophysicist or astrochemist. Or maybe something that is involved in making games. I want to learn more about the universe,...

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Hayden Elizabeth Madison


I am a freshman at Bob Jones High School. I love to hangout with friends, watch movies, and swim during the summer. I like to dance even though I'm not good at it, and listening to music is one of my favorite hobbies. I would...

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Nick Dunaway


Hi guys, my name is Nick and I'm a sophomore at Bob Jones. I hope to be lawyer as my future career. I play defense for Bob Jones lacrosse, I'm on the scholars bowl team, JROTC, archery and I participate in FCA. I aspire to go to eithe...

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Georgia White


Hello! My name is Georgia White, and I am a freshman at Bob Jones High School. I play on the soccer team here at Bob Jones and I enjoy reading, playing the ukelele, and archery. I would love to attend Samford University and major...

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Emily Franklin


I'm a sophomore here at Bob Jones! I am on Varsity Soccer and have been playing since I could walk. I am heavily involved with FCA and have interned for many camps. Music is a major part of my life,  and you'll never catch me...

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Carmen Fury


Hi! I am a 9th grader at BJHS. A few hobbies I have are writing, drawing, cooking, and boxing. I'm interested in minoring in Psychology at Auburn and Film Directing at the New York Film Academy. I'm in are FBLA (Future Business...

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Alec Mothersele


Hello, I am Alec Mothersele. I am interested in virology and I want to work for the CDC. I am currently enrolled in the Latin club. I also take quite a fond interest into computers. I will work my hardest to try and get into the...

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Ethan Merenda


Ethan is my name, and poetry is my game, Senior year is here, and my last school days are near. I'm a writer and a drummer, quite unlike any other. I like to ponder, and my mind may wander... But I am dedicated to my craft,...

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Jacqui Dub


I'm currently a 9th grade student at BJHS. I enjoy reading, writing, painting, horseback riding, and socializing. A club I'm currently in is German club, which I plan to do throughout my entire high school career. I do enjoy sports;...

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Jillian Matthews


Hi! I'm Jillian, and I am a freshman. I do competitive gymnastics at Huntsville Gymnastics Center, and I also coach in my free time. I am part of SWE, and I want to either be a biomedical engineer or a journalist. My goal is to...

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Jeremy Sailors


Hello, my name is Jeremy Sailors. I am a sophomore at Bob Jones High School, hence the reason I am on Patriot Pages. I am involved mainly in the drama program, technician work and acting work. For tech, I run sound and mics, and...

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Jennifer Han


Hi, my name is Jennifer Han, and I'm currently a senior at BJHS. I play the violin, and I am involved in a Key Club, French Club, Math team, and various national honor societies. One thing I really love to do is "eating." I love...

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Maggie Brown


I'm an aspiring author, playwright, and screenwriter in the 9th grade. I want to go to Berry College or NYU; I'm in Film & Animation and Writing Club. My interests include drawing, acting, playing music, and pop culture. There...

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Byron Headrick


Hi, I'm Byron Headrick (fun fact: Byron means cowshed), and I'm a sophomore at Bob Jones High school. I am on the Bob Jones wrestling team and cheer team as well as an actor in our school's drama program. I enjoy writing, reading,...

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Chloe Kuebbing


I'm a freshman at Bob Jones and a very avid reader. I adore fantasy worlds, and I spend hours at a time switching between Netflix and the reading apps on my phone. I play the clarinet in band, and I also adore food, despite having...

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Daniel Swinney


I enjoy drawing (despite my complete failure to draw well), love singing and acting. I am a member of writing club, as well as smash club (of which I am ranked 6th), and love programming. I am a senior, and I am going to UAB to...

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Carolina Mooring


I'm Carolina, and I'm a sophomore at BJHS. I'm heavily involved in the fine arts. I'm in Patriot Singers, and I'm a drama nerd. I like to write little stories and to learn new songs on the piano. I'm a little dork who loves to...

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Isaac Porter


My name is Isaac Porter, I am a sophomore at Bob Jones. I am good at about nothing, but I can get work done when I decide to do it. I have been a part of the Bob Jones theater production, and I worked on the set of the Recovery...

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Harold Gilmore


I'm a senior at Bob Jones. I like food-- food is bae, food is life. I wrestle, and I get sprinkles... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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Nick Schenk


Oh, hi. I'm Nick. I'm a sophomore who likes the anime and the video games. I'm a Chicagoan who cares about stuff that doesn't involve me. I like to do basic human functions and stuff. Kthnx, bye.

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Brenna Kilpatrick


Hi, I'm a Senior at BJHS and quite an oddball. I'm a lover of literature, writing, drawing, and being a bit off book in life.

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Heather Pounders


I am a freshman. I'm on the drill team in ROTC. I want to go into the Air Force. I love to read and listen to music!

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Kiara Tanner


I am senior. I play basketball. I have two jobs, but I only get paid one. I am a lovable person who never meets a stranger and go see the world.

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Aaron Michaels


Hi! I'm Aaron! I'm a sophomore at BJHS. I like watching and analyzing movies. Yeah, I'm a huge movie buff. I also like comic books. Is that an alright bio? I guess so! SUBMIT!

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Kylee Henrie


I am a Junior at, you guessed it, Bob Jones High School. I love writing and drawing, and I dabble in composing music. I plan on going to BYU-ID and want to become either a mechanical or civil engineer. I'm usually seen with a...

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Abbigail jackson


Hello! As you can tell, my name is Abbigail. My interest vary from sketching to simply watching Netflix. I sketch mostly people because animals aren't really my forte. I read manga and watch anime, though people find it dorky....

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Amani Hendricks


I'm a freshman, and I play tennis. Most of my neighbors hate me because I play drums really loud at like 1 am. I love music, Netflix, and making those jokes that aren't funny but make you laugh anyway.

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Tracy Benson


Hello, I'm Tracy. I'm a sophomore here at Bob Jones. I play soccer for the high school team and for other clubs. I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember and I have also played softball and basketball. I'm interested...

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Chloe Henderson


I'm Chloe, sometimes called 'Chlomoney'. I LOVE being crazy and fun and just being surrounded by others. I'm obviously an extrovert. I'm a 10th grader here at Bob Jones and I'm looking into journalism or possibly a preschool teacher,...

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Steven Mckinney


I'm 17 years old, a senior, and I like videos games, movies, suits, and reading. I like to read books about business and acting while drinking tea shipped from London. I plan on searching for acting jobs in the southeast US.

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Caitlin Kiker


My name is Caitlin I Kiker. My middle name, Iris (the flower), is the only thing people can spell and say right. People usually pronounce "Kiker" like "Kicker" and spell "Caitlin" in every wrong way possible. This was the same...

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Ben Meyer


A Senior at Bob Jones with 7 years of competitive creativity, I can say I know the ins and outs. After taking Forensics at BJ, It has become an interest of mine. Piecing a story from evidence and Justice are two subjects of my...

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Jack Woods


I am 16 and a Junior at Bob Jones. I am the manager of the Varsity Bob Jones baseball team and have ran cross country and track. I moved here in the summer of 2016 from Chicago, where I played water polo and was on the swim team....

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Ashley Phonthibsvads


I'm a freshman in Bob Jones High School. I live in Madison, Alabama with two siblings. I'm the oldest. I enjoy drawing, and it takes up most of my free time, and YouTube, too.

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Marissa Liriano


Hi, im Marissa Liriano. I am a sophomore here at Bob Jones High school. When I graduate, I would really like to get a career in law. If that doesn't work out, then I would like to do something with art. I would also really like...

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George Graves


HEY YOU GUYS! I am a senior here at Bob Jones and a member of our awesome Track & Field team. I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, running (or just being active), as well as making others smile. I come from a military...

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Phoenix Johnson


Hi, I'm Phoenix and I'm currently a freshmen at BJHS. I love writing and I hope to pursue a career in it someday. Reading also tends to take up quite a bit of my time along with interesting TV shows and hanging out with friends....

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Lily Hughes


Hello! My name is Lily Hughes. I'm a fifteen year old freshman who enjoys writing with no boundaries. I'm up for anything life can give me in a career, and I love to meet new people. Broadway is one of my few jams, anything that...

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Claire O'Neal


Hey y'all! I'm a junior here at Bob Jones, and I'm on the engineering track. I want to be an Aerospace Engineer and work for NASA. I've always loved reading and writing, and I love getting to create my own stories. I've been dancing...

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Ethan Ray


My name is Ethan Ray, and I'm currently a senior here. I have a few hobbies and things I do, but I'd personally not say much if anything else about myself. I like my privacy, thank you.

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Marcia McCoy


Hi, I'm an eleventh grader , and I am a part of the Bob Jones Marching Band. I am also involved in Key Club at Bob Jones. I have been involved with band since 6 grade. When I grow up, I would love to attend Auburn University,...

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Sarah Beth


I am in 9th grade and go by Sarah Beth. I enjoy do physical hobbies, such as running. I also love music and singing and hope to take up playing the guitar. I am interested in going into the designing field such as, architectural...

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Amanda Melton


Howdy! I'm a Amanda and I'm a senior here at Bob Jones, and I try to put my best foot forward. I'm part of JROTC at school and German Club. People say I'm a country girl but in reality, I'm a town girl - a little in between of...

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Serena Osuigwe


I am the one.... the only... Serena !! I am currently a freshman (yay..) I like to write, listen to music, eat food, sleep, and make people laugh out loud. I have a very fun but crazy personality. I run track and play basketball....

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Anna Grace Pell


I have been swimming competitively for ten years now. I plan on swimming in college as well. I have an interest in English, political science and law. My plan is to attend a small liberal arts school, then go to law school. One...

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Allona Day


I am a freshman girl who knows things from makeup, to cooking, to cars, to stunts. I would love to be a Cardiologist or an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor) when I graduate from high school. During my high school career, I would...

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Jacob Nelson


I'm in 9th grade. I'm interested in the medical field. I want to go to University Alabama-Birmingham.

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Eva Yeager


Hi I'm Eva. I'm a freshman. I enjoy running, I run on the indoor and outdoor track team here at Bob Jones. I also love hanging out with my friends, watching Netflix for longer than I should, and writing in my free time.

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Jordan Evans


I'm a freshman. I enjoy writing and other things in journalism, and I'm a JV volleyball player.

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Brandon Kelly


I am Brandon Kelly, and I'm in the 11th grade. I am interested in computer science and I'm pretty good at sports.

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Megan Lamps


My names is Megan and I'm a senior here at Bob Jones. I'm taking Multimedia Design and Creative Writing during my senior year. I also do Destination Imagination, art and I consider myself a creative and artistic person.

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Steven Heimann


Heyyyoo. My name is Steven Heimann. I'm currently a JROTC cadet and enjoy honor guard, drill, and saber team.

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Emilee Lamps


Hello, fellow homosapien! I'm Emilee, a sophmore at Bob Jones High School. I am in Mrs. Panagos's multimedia design class. I am involved in Destination Imagination and I have been for 6 years. My hobbies include aesthetically...

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Cooper Sawyer


Cooper Sawyer is here. I would like to go into an animation career. I am interested in animation, comics, and drawing. I like to do 2d animation more than 3d but I can do both!

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Alex Scalf


I like to breathe the air.

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Brandon Clark


My name is Brandon Clark, and I am a ninth grader here at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy photography because it's a way to express your artistic ability by utilizing technology. I hope to one day pursue a job as a photographer...

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Aidan Sims


I am a freshman and I was in the Math team since fifth grade; except for this (9th grade) year. If I were to tell why I might offend someone. I'm interested in programming an graphic design. I play video game, piano, and fold...

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Nathan Shipley


I'm a sophomore here at Bob Jones. in my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and martial arts. I'm interested in Engineering, and other technological fields.

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Grace Smith


My name is Grace, and I like drawing, gardening, studying myths, and The Elder Scrolls! I'd love to work as a character designer/concept artist for cartoons/video games!

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Madeline Carpenter


Hi, my name is Madeline Carpenter and I am a student at Bob Jones High School. I have an interest in photography, film and art. I am a member of the National Art Honor Society and I wish to become an airline pilot.

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Tyler Slager


Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm a Senior here at Bob Jones and love hanging out with friends. I would like to get into car photography, or just photography in general. I would also like to do some type of career involving engineering.

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Noah Madkins


I am Noah Madkins, and I do track. I have three jobs. I enjoy traveling and going to different countries.

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Emma Hardy


Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a freshman that likes reading, drawing, and video games! I also like cats.

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Ashley Ramsey


I like to write. I like to draw/doodle. I also like basically anything that isn't school related.

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Reed Player


I'm a senior this year, and I'm thinking about majoring in kinesiology at UAH in fall of 2018!

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Terrell Jennings


I like to play football I'm number 13 I also run track and enjoy hanging with my friends and eating food and just chilling at home.

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Hollie Thompson


Hey, girl. I'm Hollie Thompson. My pronouns are she/her/her's. If you've put two and two together, I am trans (M->F). I like a whole lot of things to be completely honest, but some things I can surely pick out are reality shows...

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Kegan Beilstein


My name is Kegan. I like to play lacrosse, and I am a hardworking student.

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Julia Pimmel


Hi! I'm Julia and I'm a freshman here at Bob Jones. I enjoy reading and writing fiction stories. I also like listening to music and playing the piano. Another favorite thing of mine to do is make art. It is very relaxing to me...

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Yunona Shkolnikov


I am a sophomore here at Bob Jones. I consider myself creative, friendly, and a outgoing person. I do color guard in the marching band, so you can catch me at the halftime shows and the competitions for competition band. Both...

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John DiPietro


My name is JP, Im currently a Junior. Ive taken part in theater tech, art, and now multi media design. In my spare time I like to draw and fabricate props.

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Kaylee Rowland


I am a student at Bob Jones. I would like to become a photographer/editor in the future. I enjoy making art, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and taking pictures of things that interest me. So yeah, that's me!

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Alexander Huynh


I'm Alex, currently a Junior. I do art stuff in my down time. I plan to go to UAH.

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Riley McGraw


Hello, my name is Riley and I'm a sophomore at Bob Jones. I enjoy learning new creative ways to edit videos and images. In my free time I play games with my friends all around the USA.

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Jordan Embrey


My name is Jordan Embrey. I enjoy creating websites and photoshopping. I have designed two websites for different businesses and I have a side job photoshopping images for a photographer. I am also part of JROTC and I am the Cyber...

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Anaya Chambers


Hi! I'm Anaya, I am a sophomore here at Bob Jones. My hobbies are reading, watching YouTube videos, and spending time with my family. Most of my time is spent on my hair I love my hair it's strange but most people get it.

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Jimmy Carter


Hi, my name is Jimmy Carter. I am a Junior here. I love working with and editing videos. I am a big sports fan, especially teams from Missouri. Besides school I tend to be a pretty boring guy, but I am always looking for things...

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Shelby West


I'm Shelby. I play piano and soccer, and I love to read and draw. I'm in film and animation club and would love to work in graphic design or animation someday.

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Steven Satcher


My name is Steven Satcher, and I'm a freshman here at Bob Jones. I'm hoping to later get in law, and I'm also a big gamer (though school comes first).

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Caleb Blackmon


I'm Caleb, and I'm just a kid trying to survive in high school. I enjoy hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing video games and breathing.

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Carl Yem


I am a senior at Bob Jones and I would like to go into Artificial Intelligence. I'm also good at League.

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Kai Vest


I am an aspiring videographer who wishes to learn more camera work and increase my editing abilities.

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Peyton Robinson


So, who is this guy? I don't know. Supposedly, I make animations and write a ton. Described by other people as a "smart-aleck with good reason", I more often than not consider logic and factual evidence more important than reasoning...

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Payton Gloschat


Hi! My name is Payton, and this year I'll be a Junior. I'm currently on the Cyber Patriots team and work on computers in my free time. I have an interest in both music and photography. Once I graduate, I want to go to UAH and...

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Avery Beckham


I am a living organism.

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Xiao Lin


I am a human in multimedia design.

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Ryan Farmer


I'm made of water, bones, various connective tissues, etc. I'm a pretty good artist, and I like to play music.

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Meenu Bhooshanan


On the cusp of adulthood (senior). If you don't find me drooling over someone's food blog, I'll probably be at a club meeting for Young Advocates for Equality or Interfaith, studying, or YouTubing. I also may be playing piano...

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Sarah Arafat


What's up?! I'm currently a very awkward, outgoing sophomore at bob jones. My favorite subject is English and I enjoy to write! I can have a conversation about almost anything and I love to meet new people. :)

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Dylan Coleman


Hello, I'm Dylan Coleman. I'm a sophomore at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy photography, and I'm an introvert. I am focusing on going into the engineering field.

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Ella Waddell


I am a senior and the president of the Bob Jones Film and Animation Club. I am an artist, writer, animator, and an ex-comic book artist. I am a fan of the Adventure Zone and other podcasts. I play flute with the Bob Jones Band.

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Rishi Doreswamy

Writer, Photographer

My name is Rishi Doreswamy, and I am a senior at Bob Jones High School. My favorite hobbies are reading comics, playing the piano, swimming, and taking photographs of the world. I'm a friendly and outgoing person.  When I graduate,...

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Love Lundy


Hi, my name is Love Lundy and I'm a sophomore here at Bob Jones. I'm in our schools' Gay-Straight Alliance, Young Advocates for Equality club, Interfaith club, and I'm on the Student Government Association's executive board. When...

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Hadley Rosengrant


Hello! My name is Hadley Rosengrant, and I honestly do not know what I'm doing. I love photography, science, cheezits, and the color yellow. Right now, I'm interested in a job in genetic research. I'm not sure where I want to g...

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Toni Glover


Hi! My name is Toni and I am a sophomore at Bob Jones High School. I am in Multimedia Publications and I am currently a member of the Popular Dance Club and the Korean Cultural Club. Some of my hobbies include writing, photography,...

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Cassie Volkin

Writer, Artist, Videographer

I'm Cassie, a junior here at Bob Jones. I participate in Writing Club, Film & Animation Club, Tri-M, NHS, and Wind Ensemble. I enjoy writing, drawing, playing saxophone, and video gaming. I want to major in computer animation...

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Ashton Jah


Hello, my name is Ashton. I am a Junior here at Bob Jones and am constantly making music with numerous groups. Musically, I participate [and lead] in the Bob Jones Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and the Tri-M Mu...

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Sojourner Taylor


I like to be called Taylor. My hobbies include drawing comics, reading comics and other things, also I enjoy video games. I want to go into game design, voice acting, and I want to attend art school. I never really got recognized f...

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Savannah Plume


Heyo! My name is Savannah Plume. At the moment I have an interest in writing and programming. I also enjoy singing in choir and am interested in learning the violin. I'm a senior in Girl Scouts and have been in this same grou...

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Kafui Sakyi-Addo

Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker

Hello! My name is Kafui {kaf-wee} and I am a delightfully awkward junior at Bob Jones High School. My interests are many (which is why I am likely to create some strange hybrid of my interests as a future career), such as writing,...

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Douglas Zhang


Greetings and welcome to my pokemon card! I'm a junior interested in literature and hopefully going into law. I enjoy my time by reading, playing video games, and wasting time on youtube. It's great to work on this for another...

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Casey Kula


    Hola everyone in the mythological universe! My name is Casey Kula, a Junior at Bob Jones High School! I am in the Eclectic Staff and in Patriot Pages. Some activities I enjoy to do in my free time are writing, reading,...

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Sarah Waldrop


Hello! My name is Sarah Waldrop, and I am a very small junior who loves Jesus, flowers, and dancing.  I am very outgoing and adventurous. I aspire to do something in the medical field or forensics (yes I love Grey's Anatomy and...

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Rebecca Robinson


Hey! I am a junior at Bob Jones this year. I enjoy doing all things creative, such as reading, writing, and drawing. I have been dancing for 11 years, but my favorite type to do is tap. I love helping others, so when I grow up...

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Dalia Altubuh


My name is Dalia and I am a junior at Bob Jones. I try to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as I can from Interfaith club to tech crew and it's a blast. My goal for the future is to work in the medical field which...

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Janice Hendrick


I'm a 17-year-old girl who loves sarcastic conversations. I was a figure skater for 6-7 years and am drum major in the Band. The thought of the future scares me immensely. I want to go into computer animation/graphics or forensi...

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Chenoa Gentle


Hello! My name is Chenoa Gentle, aka chenoodle or quinoa, i'm a junior at Bob Jones. I would like to go to UNA for mathematics with a minor in finance. I would like to someday become a math professor at UNA or USA. I would als...

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Claire Dieselberg


Hello. My name is Claire Dieselberg (as seen above). I am part of Tae Kwon Do club and enjoy reading and drawing. Right now, I'm thinking about becoming a Nutritionist when I grow up.

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Tiffany Wu


I am a junior at Bob Jones this year. I love to have fun with my friends, do fun projects, and go on adventures around the world!

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Noah Vermillion


I'm a senior.  Previously, I ran cross country, I was on SGA Senate, and I was a basketball manager. I like working outdoors and with animals.  I'm not sure of my career yet, but I am thinking about Calhoun and then Auburn.

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Gracie Poehlman

Writer, Illustrator, Editor

I am a senior at Bob Jones High School, and I wish to be an editor at a large science fiction/fantasy publishing imprint like TOR or Del Rey. I love to read, write, draw, and make sarcastic jokes. I am currently taking Mrs. Panagos's...

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Kiara Gunn


Hey! My name's Kiara Gunn. I'm a senior at Bob Jones. I want to double major in Professional Writing and Secondary Education with a concentration in English at UNA. I'm really passionate about writing. Keep an eye out for my books...

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C. Audrey Harper

Writer, Editor

I am a senior, and this is my fourth year on Patriot Pages staff. Along with Patriot Pages, I am also an editor for The Eclectic. I am the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, vice president of Young Advocates for Equality...

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