The Internet is Stock Full of Simu Liu


Anne Elise Cairns, Contributor

Canadian actor, television writer/producer, and most recently star of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Simu Liu was a model for stock photos before his career took off. His pre-fame stock photoshoot is flooding the internet and it is nothing short of hilarious. Simu is quoted saying, “I did ONE stock photo shoot for 100 bucks cash in 2014… and I have ended up on HUNDREDS of ads and storefronts and pamphlets and textbook covers,”  on his instagram story. Fans have taken to twitter, instagram, and even reddit to uncover all of these photos. We had some Bob Jones Students “Caption” some of the photos, and this is what they had to say.



Student responses:

“Pretending to be happy”

This man is clearly running away from his problems and looking happy about it. He exists within his own realm and all other realms do not matter.”

“If he doesn’t blend in with the crowd he’s done for.”

“look at all these Americans doing it wrong”

“Me trying to run faster in PE so people don’t start cheering me on.”

the face you make when your mom makes you come along to an event so you have to act like you are enjoying yourself”

Student responses:

“haha funny cat pic”

“This man is pointing out a funny meme to his coworkers and they are laughing because of it. “

“He does not understand this strange, alien object, and derives great amusement from this fact.”

“just keep smiling, they will go away soon”

“me n my friends catfishing a person we hate.”

“me and my favorite coworkers looking up simu liu stock photos instead of working”

“me looking at 95% of the MET gala outfits”



My personal favorite interaction Simu has had with his stock photos is with iStock themselves! This is what they had to say. Simu teases iStock about the money they are making off of the images of him after they retweet and reply to one of his reactions to a stock photo.


And last but certainly not least, after the 2021 MET Gala, Simu posted this photo with the caption, “No more stock photos for this guy.” What an absolute legend.