Hotel Transylvania


This is the movie poster for Hotel Transylvania.

Emiko Higman, Writer

It would seem like an ordinary movie about monsters being monsters. All like vampires, mummies, zombies and even a human? Yup, in Hotel Transylvania, all of the monsters thought of humans to be monsters as well. And to protect them from the humans, monsters were able to stay in a safe hotel, run by Dracula, without any disturbances. But when a human came in, chaos began.

Don’t let that fool anyone, since it came out on September 28th, Hotel Transylvania is an awesome family movie. It’s entertaining for kids and adults to watch, with fun around every corner.

There were tons of scenes that make people laugh from great humor and funny jokes. Yet, it also showed how life is about exploring and the ambition to live life to the fullest. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, always had the urge to see the world and explore, instead of always staying home at the hotel.  Also, what’s a story without any love in it? Every monster was treated like family and was close to each other.

There are no downsides for this movie, unless if people do not like monsters partying and just having a fun time. This is a great movie night movie and I recommend it to everyone.