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Matt Kuenzli, Sean Sheil, and

B-Robs newest single The Hook Up

B-Rob’s newest single “The Hook Up”

Sean Sheil and Matt Kuenzli

Do you love Jesus? Do you like Rap? Have you ever wished they could be mixed but in a not corny way? Well, Brian “B-Rob” Robinson has the hook-up. B-Rob is a local Christian rapper who performs shows for youth groups. With 3 albums out, he knows how to get a crowd going. Robinson is a former Air Force soldier with a shaky past, but through it all, he has come to know and love Christ.

B-Rob’s troubling past includes trouble with the law.  He always liked to rap, but his music did not have the best intentions.  After all this turmoil in his life, he finally found the Lord.  “That was the best feeling of my life,” he explains to us on the ride home from his latest gig last Wednesday.

After all his bad doing, he wanted to make it up by starting a ministry.  He told his loving wife he was going to sell all of his old studio equipment to help raise money to get started.  His wife told him that it didn’t have to choose between the two.  “If you love rap and if you love Jesus, then maybe that’s the ministry you’ve been looking for.”

He has hired 4 teenagers to do various jobs for him including sound tech, lighting, and a DJ. He sells his t-shirts, albums, and other stuff at his gigs for a fair price. Overall, B-Rob is a fun guy to be around and it’s amazing to see how God has shaped his life.