Non-Melting Chocolate

Ashley Mitchell, Writer

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Looking forward to the holidays? How about starting out with a bar of non-melting chocolate to do the trick. Food scientists working at Cadbury Chocolate company in London have come to conclusion that this non-melting chocolate is less fattening and more enjoyable.

Chocolate usually melts at 93 degrees Fahrenheit but on the other hand this chocolate can stay solid for a good three hours in 104 degrees weather. It is really helpful in the summer or for hot environments, for example leaving chocolate accidentally in a car, which can be a mess. But with the Cadbury invention you don’t have to worry about that, at least for three hours. Audrey Ames says, ”Honestly, I love melted chocolate better than solid, but it would be more convenient in the summer.”

Chocolate is a production where the ingredients including cocoa butter, vegetable oils, milk and sugar are ground down in a container filled with metal balls. By taking this technique to the test, the scientists are able to reduce the sugar into smaller particles meaning they are covered with less fat, which makes the bar less prone to melting.

By doing this, it also makes the chocolate taste different but not too much. You still may want to buy regular chocolate and keep the delicious taste, but at least the non-melting chocolate makes it more manageable. It just can’t get any better than that.