Xbox One vs. PS4 — Which Is Better?


Timothy McCarter, Writer

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 (PS4) are hitting the market soon.  What are the pros and cons of these next-generation consoles?  Both boast a multitude of impressive features. However, many people have complained that Microsoft has put “too many restrictions” on the Xbox One.  Such restrictions include limitations on sharing and playing used games.  To quiet these qualms, Microsoft changed its plans for console, only a few months after its announcement.  With these changes, will the Xbox One be able to outsell the the PS4?

Julian Geiger, a student at Bob Jones, said, “I have always been a fan of the PlayStation, so I am getting the PS4.”  He believes that the features of the PS4 “make it better than the Xbox One.”

First and foremost, the PS4 will cost less than the Xbox One.  It has a new feature that allows the user to capture footage of the game he is playing and upload it to YouTube.  The PS4 also allows the user to play video games as other games download in the background.  The PS4 features backwards compatibility, which allows the user to play Playstation 3 games.  Sony will make people pay to play online for the first time.  However, Sony will not charge as much as Microsoft does for Xbox Live.

Alex Bartholomae said, “I like both consoles, but I am most likely getting the PS4 because it is more affordable. The Xbox One is cool but it is more of an entertainment system than a gaming system, and you’re paying more because it has a lot more features than the PS4.”

The Xbox One has great features of its own.  The Xbox One allows the user to switch between watching television, playing games, and using Skype.  The new controller has a sleeker look.  The triggers of the Xbox One controller give more feedback than the triggers of the Xbox 360.  Microsoft has completely reversed the DRM policy.  The user can now take the Xbox One anywhere.  He does not have to connect to the Internet every 24 hours, and any Xbox One disk will function in any other Xbox One

Nick Simmons is enticed to buy the Xbox One for its versatile entertainment features.  He particularly likes the option “to switch between games, television, Skype and Netflix.”

Overall, both consoles sport impressive technical specifications.  However, it appears that the consoles are geared toward different consumers.  The Xbox One will be better for those who want more than just a gaming system.  Microsoft’s console will serve as an all-around entertainment system.  The PS4, with its exceptional graphics processing power, is aimed solely toward the gamer.  Regardless, you can’t go wrong with either of these consoles.  Both are outstanding pieces of technology.