Summer School: What You Need to Know


Luke Gann, Contributor

The school year is coming to an end, which means summer is coming up! With just 3 weeks left in the semester, many students are wondering how to plan for their summers. If you are in need of summer courses, either for failed courses or to stay on top of your credit requirements for graduation, look no further! Registration is now open for Madison City Schools, and here’s all you need to know to make course decisions. 

  • If you want to take credit recovery, you need to have made at least a 40 in the class to qualify for it
  • If you have made a 39 or lower it is necessary for you to take the class again to get a credit for it.
  • If you need to retake a class or are doing credit recovery, you can do that over summer break as well, through ACCESS
  • Bob Jones offers learning labs Monday-Thursday from 8:00-12:00. If you need to ride a bus you need to sign up before May 4th here. They offer this for credit recovery and retaking of classes.
  • Bob Jones is offering Economics, Government, Health, Career Prep B, Beginning Kinesiology (Life PE), and Career Prep to be taught over the summer. These are for the advancement of classes.
  • For Drivers Education you are required to have your driver’s permit, otherwise, you cannot take the class. There are three two-week courses offered from 8-3 at Bob Jones. The dates are June 6-17, June 20-July 1, and July 11-22 
  • An ACT Boot Camp is offered over the summer. This is to better prepare you for the ACT and strengthen your test-taking skills. It costs $150 and is from June 6-9 from 8-12 at Bob Jones.

Space is limited so make sure to sign up sooner rather than later as it is first come first serve. Registration will be open until the day classes start, but spots go fast so be sure to sign up fast. For any more information go here and to sign up go here.