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Model UN Dominates in Tuscaloosa!


On February 17, 2023, the Model UN team embarked on our first expedition since the pandemic, and we did well, all things considered. We had many individual award winners, and we won “Most Outstanding Large Delegation,” which is the 2nd-place award for delegations of over 10 people. We were proud, but we knew we could do better.

On February 16, 2024, the Model UN team embarked on our second expedition towards Tuscaloosa, and to say we came prepared would be an understatement. Our team won over two-thirds of the possible awards. Among them was the award for the Best Large Delegation, or first place as a team! Here is an list of the individual award winners:

In the World Health Organization:

Caleb Johnson (Russia) – Best Delegate (1st)

Eric Joy (Belarus) – Most Outstanding Delegate (2nd)

Kali Beigh (Ukraine) – Honorable Mention (3rd) and Best Position Paper

Olivia Mendez-Morales (Chad) – Verbal Accommodation (4th)



In the Administrative and Budgetary Committee:

Veronica Layne (Russia) – Best Delegate (1st)

Molly Halter (China) – Most Outstanding Delegate (2nd)

Swetha Jakka (USA) – Honorable Mention (3rd)

Julia Ehrman (Chad) – Verbal Accommodation (4th)


In the Economic and Social Committee:

Simon Adkins (USA) – Most Outstanding Delegate (2nd)

Ben Mitchell (North Korea) – Honorable Mention (3rd)

Katie Nguyen (Belarus) – Verbal Accommodation (4th)


In the Arctic Council:

Natalie LeCompte (Denmark) – Best Delegate (1st)


In Ad Hoc:

Candace Bardwell (Augustus Creed) – Best Delegate (T-1st)

Gwendolyn Sexton (Octavia Dovecote) – Best Delegate (T-1st)

Karsten Wallace (Petronia Dolittles) – Verbal Accommodation (4th)


In Nineveh

Millie Hoksbroken (Nergal-Nasir) – Most Outstanding Delegate (2nd)


In Fallout: New Orleans:

Ian Harbour (Don “Number Juan” Valentino)


Great results from the Model UN team! 

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Eric Joy
Eric Joy, Contributor

Hello fellow Martians! I am Eric Joy, and I run for fun. That's all you really need to know about me to get a good idea, but I shall tell you some of my more interesting hobbies: I used to play hockey, I play video games, and I also run not for fun (Cross Country and Track). I have been writing Patriot Pages articles for 3 years now and I highly doubt anyone has ever read any of my articles. One of them nearly won an award. But if you have read one, good on you! Please keep reading them… I don't want to have to write another 2500 word March Madness recap for no one to read it... Oh, my future? I've narrowed it down to 3 choices: Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, City planner. One of those 3 will work for me.