The Importance of Gratitude

Kendyl Hollingsworth, Writer

As the warm-hued leaves drift from tired branches in the cool autumn breeze, it’s hard to ignore the fact that November is upon us. Around this time, people begin the annual raking-up of things in their lives they are thankful for—most notably the scrumptious Thanksgiving feast.

November is known as a time to give thanks to the people in your life and the experiences you’ve had, but why doesn’t this happen on a daily basis?

It becomes all too easy to forget to thank those that have been there for us when we’re constantly swept up in our own little worlds. It’s great to give thanks in November, but unexpected gratitude is the best kind.

Annie Kovach tweets, “Thankful for my best friends!” to show her appreciation, while another tweets, “I’m thankful for my two favorite English teachers mrs.Thaxton & ms.Roberts.”

When someone has been there to lend an ear or a few nice words, return the favor.  Also, give thanks to the little things, like “puppies, glitter, sour gummy worms,” “nutella,” or “chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Giving thanks not only has the power to enrich the lives of others, but also your own.