National Child’s Day

Father, mother and daughter at a restaurant having a good time.

Timothy McCarter, Writer

How should people feel if they don’t have a good relationships with their parents? Would those people still treat their children differently?

As stated on the WHNT news site, Ron Gaither and Charles Hall convinced the White House to create a National Child’s Day holiday in order to better all Americans.

They believe that all parents and children should have better relationships with one another.

Devon Brittin said, “That sounds like a bad idea, and parents should take their own time to talk or hang out with their kids whenever they can.”

Ron Gaither explained, in 1990, that he argued with his daughter, but later wanted to raise a mutual respect for children and parents.

He wrote to his local governors, proposing that Americans take time to have a day to celebrate their children. But some didn’t like the idea too much.

Bob Jones High School student, Armon Mobasher, stated, “Technically every day is child’s day.”

It’s nice to see that Gaither and Hall want to help children in the United States. Hopefully more people will acknowledge this new national day and celebrate it because it might actually help some younger kids make better decisions when they get older and learn to help others.

But what about the young teens who have abusive parents?

Do you think they’re going to be kind to their kids for one day and then go back to their abusive ways the next?

I mention this because there are some parents who aren’t nice, kind, or caring towards their kids.

I understand what Ron Gaither is trying to do, but it’s entirely up to the family whether they should be more involved with each other.

I say this because some families already spend a lot of time together.

Timothy McCarter Sr. stated, “National Child’s Day is a good idea, but not all parents are able to be with their children because some people, like those who are in the military, like me, are usually working all day.”

Is Child’s Day really a logical holiday? Does it really encourage families to be together more or not?