Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Kaitlyn Inglis, Contributor

It’s that time of year again! When the air gets crisp and the leaves turn bright and beautiful before they fall to the ground. It gets dark earlier than what we may be used to, but it’s worth it for all the holidays just around the corner! One holiday, in particular, is creeping up on us right now. That’s right- Halloween! The day children love to dress up as whatever their hearts may desire and go around collecting candy from families all around the neighborhood. But that raises a troubling question: How old can you be before you have to close this favorite chapter of childlike wonder and Halloween fun?

The students of Bob Jones have spoken. According to the overall responses of people whose age is in question, teenagers are not too old to be partaking in this event. Freshman Jacob Uchitel said, “18, because you have finished high school and you are going to college, so you are an adult now and do not need to go door to door to get candy.” Many other students replied with similar ages in their answers, varying from 18-20 (some even responding you are never too old!) This is a good point, as you aren’t legally an adult until you are eighteen. Once you are in college (or whatever post-high school path you choose) you have more responsibilities and are more independent. 

However, freshman Maggie Reese has a different take on it. She shared, “The max age I think should go trick or treating is 12 or 13. I think this because not a lot of people want to see someone grown at their door when they are giving out candy.” She believes Halloween parties and haunted houses are more fit activities for our age range. This is also something to consider, as there are many alternatives for what we could spend our night doing. 

However, no matter what other people’s opinions may be, remember that it is your life and your night.  As long as you stay safe and have fun, and you aren’t hurting anyone, who cares if you are “too old”? Your inner child lasts forever. So have a happy Halloween!