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Underclassmen Dance… Yay or Nay?


Hey underclassman, do you ever feel left out when prom time comes around? Are you saying to yourself, “ I can’t wait until next year” or “ I wish I was a junior or senior”? 

Well, what if there was a dance just for you? I think that there should maybe be a separate dance for underclassmen, just like prom. Personally, I feel bad for underclassmen, mainly because I remember the days when I couldn’t go to the prom with my friends or when I felt left out around prom time. Yes, underclassmen have Homecoming, BUT so does everyone else in the school.

Not everyone is a fan of an underclassmen event. Some surveyed students said it would take away from seniors, and others said prom is a special time just for upperclassmen. “We have Homecoming; also, prom is supposed to be special.” Another student shared that “…prom is something you’re supposed to look forward to as an underclassman.”

A dance for underclassmen doesn’t have to take away from upperclassmen, though.

Maybe they have a winter formal?

I think this would be the perfect way to give underclassmen a special dance that isn’t around prom and graduation time. This would be a great way for them to relieve all the stress from finals and give the students something to look forward to, maybe even as a reward for good behavior. Some surveyed students agreed with this. “I think it should be around Christmas time” and “A winter dance could be nice.”

Others also took a different approach by suggesting something different altogether. “Maybe something less fancy,” like a casual dance. I remember hearing about some schools having a neon glow party dance, which could be as casual or fancy as students want it to be.

I definitely feel like a dance for underclassmen, even if it’s just something small and casual, would be great.

About the Contributor
Mallory Leslie, Contributor
My name is Mallory, a senior at Bob Jones. Right now I'm only a basketball cheerleader, but I'm looking to join a club... just waiting on approval. My hobbies include going to work. I don't have any specific college interests, but I know I want to go out-of-state or in-state, but far far away from Huntsville. I want to study psychology and counseling to be a counselor in the future.