Biology: Biophilia Center Field Trip

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Biology: Biophilia Center Field Trip

Phaedrus Taylor, Author

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The upcoming Biophilia Center field trip is said to be one of the most exciting field trips a student can go on. The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center was created to preserve and protect the ecosystem of southern Alabama. Classes like Marine Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology will go to the preserve in early April for a few days.

E.O. Wilson, a famous biologist, loaned his name to the center, believing in its cause. The Biophilia center doesn’t just protect the ecosystem (specifically the long-leaf pine ecosystem), the people there also research and help rebuild the environment, replanting new trees and reintroducing endangered species who were threatened by expansion into their territory. Species such as the indigo snake, which is the largest snake in North America, and the gopher tortoise were nearly eradicated from most of southern Alabama, but thanks to the efforts of the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center, the species are making a comeback.

The students will converse with specialists, learn about the ecosystem through classes, go on hikes throughout the area, and take in the scenery of the preservation. They will take water samples, observe aquatic life, and enjoy plenty of engaging and interesting activities.

The Biophilia Center has hosted elementary and middle schools in the past, but never a high school. The director of the center, Paul “Pine Tree” Arthur, reached out and asked Bob Jones to be the first high school to visit.

Mr. Ben Johnston, the AP Biology and AP Environmental Science Teacher at Bob Jones, has gone on this field trip in the past at his previous job. He said it was definitely worth the costs involved in going.

“Oh, yeah I loved it,” Mr. Johnston said. “Bob Jones is very fortunate.” Mr. Johnston added, “[The Center] developed a high-school course with our input and we were the first school to go through that. We were piloting the high-school course for them.”

The next exciting and invigorating field trip to the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center is coming up soon. With all these different activities and an impressive array of opportunities, this field trip will prove to be an exciting adventure for all those attending.