On Track for the Championship


Patriot Racing’s Red Team won first place at the Oxford Green Prix.

Katie Tanner, Writer

Greenpower USA is an engineering-based organization stationed in Huntsville, AL. The program allows students from late elementary up to grade twelve to gain hands-on experience with mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as hone soft skills such as teamwork, public speaking, and marketing. 

Bob Jones High School’s Greenpower team is called Patriot Racing, and races with three cars: Red car, “The Flash,” Blue car, “The Rival,” and our newest and completely custom car, White car, “The Patriot.” In the 2018-2019 season, “The Flash”, won the title of national champion in the F24 Advanced Custom division.

Right now, the 2019-2020 season is halfway complete, with five races left. Patriot Racing has already competed at three races, the most recent of which being the Oxford Green Prix last month. “The Flash” and “The Rival” both placed first in their respective divisions, with “The Patriot” placing third behind Red Team.

Patriot Racing’s White Team won third place at the Oxford Green Prix.

This puts Bob Jones’ “The Flash” in first and “The Patriot” in third for the F24 Advanced Custom division’s national championship title. Blue Team’s “The Rival” is in second place for the national championship in the F24 Advanced Kit Modified division.

The team’s next race, the second annual Diverse Power Grand Prix, is February 29th in LaGrange, GA. 

Ashwin Prabhakar, a freshman on Patriot Racing, said that the race he’s most excited for this semester is at the Barber Motorsports Park this April. He elaborated that, “…judging from all the things [he’s] heard about it, and knowing that it’s a professional speedway, just makes it seem like a really interesting race.” 

Alex Edwards, a junior on Patriot Racing Red Team, said that he’s looking forward to the second Chambers County Grand Prix, in March. He added, “[he’s] excited because of the challenging road conditions and the unique and fast-paced track.”

Mrs. Jessye Gaines, an engineering teacher at Bob Jones and Patriot Racing’s teacher sponsor, said that she doesn’t “have one particular race [she’s] most excited about. “[I] look forward to races which are out of town and overnight because traveling with the team is so much fun, but I also look forward to certain tracks (Barber, Jemison) which have well-paved surfaces for us to race on.”

To find updates on the next five races and the national championship standings in May, you can follow Patriot Racing’s social media accounts, as well as watch their video presentations on Youtube.