Boys Varsity Basketball



At Varsity game against Florence High School

Isabella Caballero, Contributor

This season, the BJHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team has been working hard, practicing 6 days a week to push themselves closer to a State Championship.  

Aidan Mennes, a sophomore on the team, said his team has been working hard to meet their goals this season. “The ultimate goal is of course to win the State Championship,” he went on to say. “We haven’t won a championship in a while, but we definitely have the group to do it.”

Besides winning state, a big concern for the Varsity Team is COVID-19, and its threat of canceling the team’s season. They, however, have been mindful of limiting the spread and following CDC recommended social distancing rules in games and practices to ensure they can keep playing. “We always wear our masks and we all limit where we go and who we’re with, and we all sit apart during games to limit exposure to the virus.” 

Because they are following these guidelines, game tickets are available on the Bob Jones Athletics website, as well as the schedule for future events. “More support is definitely always welcomed and our team loves to feed off the fans’ energy!”

The next game is against Austin High School at Bob Jones. Boys Varsity starts at 7:30 in the Big Gym.