Greenpower on the Road

Isa Hayes, Contributor

Greenpower USA is an Engineering-based program stationed in Huntsville. This program allows students to get hands-on experience with mechanical and electrical engineering, while also learning more about teamwork, marketing, and public speaking. You can often find the team talking with other teams after a race and congratulating everyone on their successes. 

The Bob Jones team is called “Patriot Racing” with 2 competing cars. “The Flash” or “Red Car” and “The Rival” or “Blue Car” are the two teams. Students who join the team are divided into two teams to work and focus on their specific car. Red competes in the F24 Advanced Custom division, while Blue Car competes in Advanced Modified. The races don’t only focus on the cars but also on Presentations, which are sometimes presented verbally in front of judges at the race. This helps students work on presentation skills, marketing, and a side of the race that isn’t just engineering. 

The team has already competed in tw0 races thus far this season. The first was in Chambers County in October where the “Blue Car”  placed 1st in Modified and “Red Car” got 2nd in Custom, and the second race was this past weekend on December 4th in Columbus, Georgia. It was GreenpowerUSA’s first street race in the downtown area of Columbus. Despite the many struggles the team went through, with the cars in and out of pits, “Blue Car” got 2nd in Modified, and “Red Car” got 2nd in Custom. 

The team has many more races they are planning to attend this year, including the Oxford Green Prix on January 15, 2022. The team will be working hard to get their cars back into shape for this next race.