Girls Golfing for Glory

Josh Norris, Writer

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The Bob Jones High School Lady Patriots golf team kicked off the 2013 season with a match against Huntsville on March 11. Led by their new coach, Rodney Schrimsher, the Lady Patriots prepared themselves both mentally and physically for their first test against the Panthers.

“Coach Scrimsher is a great coach, and he really helps us improve,” said Katie Kovach, a freshman. All the girls seem to like him and respect him, and that’s important for any team sport.

Coach Scrimsher has been golfing for a long time now, and so he obviously knows what he’s doing. With the leadership of Coach Schrimsher and their seniors, Heather Gillenwaters and Bree Roberts, the ladies have been practicing hard, playing close to nine holes each day to keep themselves prepared. It’ll be exciting to see what the future holds for these girls, so give them your support!

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