The Struggle’s Real


Photo credits to Shane Brasher

This is a look at the inside of the wrestling building.

Shane Brasher, Writer

After coming off an incredible season last year, can the Bob Jones Wrestling team repeat the success of the 2012-13 season this upcoming season? Last year they were AHSAA (Alabama High School Athletic Association) section 4 champions, placed 5th in the state (11th year in a row being in the top 10), and had a dual record of 16-2.

Having lost six seniors, some of the pressure is on the underclassmen who will have to compete on the varsity level this year. When asked how he thinks the team is doing in the off-season training, junior Mathew Lyle says, “We have the heart, determination, and the leadership; we just need to keep working and keep getting better.”

“Wrestling is the most difficult sport at Bob Jones. We put a ton of time and effort into this team and it shows every year when you see our guys on the medal stands at state,” states junior Collin Oliver.

There’s a lot more to wrestling than meets the eye. Some people see wrestling as just a bunch of sweaty guys rolling around with each other, but these guys work extremely hard to tone and train every muscle needed for wrestling. “I remember one time after my match where I literally couldn’t lift my right arm,”  said sophomore Griffin Ridgeway. Say all you want about wrestlers but I wouldn’t suggest saying it to their faces.

Head wrestling coach Jason Edwards knows that participating in wrestling means paying to do the sport. He is determined to make sure every student interested can participate, regardless of their financial position. To do this, he is advertising a fundraiser that will send all profits to the students’ fees.

The Bob Jones High School Wrestling team will be selling professionally made Boston Butts from “Rocket City Meats.” 9 Lbs. of butt comes fully cooked and ready to reheat when your favorite game is on . This isn’t your typical “Daddy cooked” butts. In fact, some say it’s the best in North Alabama. The price is $40 ($4 and 40 cents a pound approx.) and you can purchase them online, under the Wrestling tab on the BJHS fee payment site, or directly from a wrestler. All orders must be made by Friday September 6th. You can pick up your Boston Butt at Bob Jones at the front A wing. The pick up date is September 14th 8:00-11:00 a.m at the front awning.