Bob Jones Boys Soccer Conditioning


This is the Bob Jones turf field where the Bob Jones team conditions.

Griffin Stewart, Writer

Bob Jones had soccer tryouts a couple weeks ago, and head coach Uwe Spiller selected his team.

The Alabama High School rules don’t allow high schools to have their first real practice with the soccer ball until January 20. Since you have about two months between tryouts and the first soccer practice, that’s where the conditioning comes in.

Conditioning takes place Monday-Thursday usually at 4:30-5:45. Instead of running on Wednesday they go into the weight room and lift weights.

Uwe Spiller, the coach, believes that Bob Jones will be the team that’s best in shape. Akash Patel a former player says, “We were the team most in shape last year.”

Some of the players think that its just a waste of time, but by the end of the year and they are able to play around the other team that is tired. Some players believe that the actual sprinting is easier than the warm-up laps that have ranged from 6-12 laps a day.

Also, besides getting the team into shape, Coach Uwe uses this to select the final placement of the team.

He looks at the individual players work ethic to place them on either the Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity team based on how they work during conditioning.