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Cross Country V: “My Sweat Tastes Like Salt”

Cross Country V: My Sweat Tastes Like Salt

“Hey! Why hasn’t there been an article since June 24?”

Well, that was a conscious decision. The week of America’s Birthday only consisted of three days of official practice, so I felt it best to lump the previous week into this article.

Now, back to running.

The JV are progressing quite nicely. Nathan Schultz (7th, DMS) ran five miles on July 3, making him the youngest runner to do so in at least two years; Micah Meeker (8th, JMS) also completed his first five-mile run that week, taking it at a much faster pace than Nathan. Other standout JV include Dean Charman (7th, DMS), Hockey Jack (7th, DMS), Standard Jack (?, DMS), and Wiley (?, DMS). I’ll learn their names eventually.

As for the varsity, signs point to a good season. Most of the State Team from last year is currently healthy, and there are many contenders for the two open spots on the team. Some of the contenders include Caleb Cooke (10th), Aadil Singh (10th), Sawyer Andrews (11th), Bowen Caves (12th), Liam Culver (12th), and Jacob Sigler (12th). A lot of competition for two spots…

There’s not much news to report this time. Unfortunate, I know. However, there will be plenty of news once the season starts, and I can’t wait for it.

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Eric Joy
Eric Joy, Contributor

Hello fellow Martians! I am Eric Joy, and I run for fun. That's all you really need to know about me to get a good idea, but I shall tell you some of my more interesting hobbies: I used to play hockey, I play video games, and I also run not for fun (Cross Country and Track). I have been writing Patriot Pages articles for 3 years now and I highly doubt anyone has ever read any of my articles. One of them nearly won an award. But if you have read one, good on you! Please keep reading them… I don't want to have to write another 2500 word March Madness recap for no one to read it... Oh, my future? I've narrowed it down to 3 choices: Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, City planner. One of those 3 will work for me.