Dancing with the Dance Team

The Dance Team

The Dance Team

Lauren Askins

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Starting out the year strong with Sarah Phillips as its coach, the dance team of twenty has much to prepare for. With a new uniform and attitude, they are prepared to beat out the rest of the competition. “We look so professional, and we all love our new uniforms,” Lindsey Soloman said. The designer also created the UNA and Alabama uniforms. “We are stepping up with the colleges.”

The dance team is known for its performances on the field. Lindsey Soloman said, “I’m so proud of being part of that kick line.” Out of all of the things the dance team can do, an epic kick line is one of the best. Fans will see their bright white boots in the air during their routine during halftime.

This year they won’t just be taking on the big football field; they will also be going to band competitions. “They are great dancers and a part of the reason why we win,” Hayden Miller, a band member added.

The dance team doesn’t just dance at half time and perform at band competitions.  They have put in long, hard hours of practice to make the performance look effortless. Lindsey Soloman said, “It is an exhilarating thrill. It’s the best feeling in the world when everything goes perfectly.”